Day 14 — Fashion

I used to have such bad style up until high school. I blame that on my dad for not teaching me about fashion trends (I mean, he’s not that fashionable as well). Picture this: oversized shirts, over-length straight jeans / trousers, and trainers. Disgusting, I know. High school was the time I started fixing my wardrobe, starting with slim-straight jeans and skate shoes. I regret the skate shoes but the jeans were a great start. I used to own a lot of long-sleeve shirts which I would usually roll twice till they were just below the elbow. That’s still my go-to smart casual style up till now but I ditched the skate shoes for Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops / Boots / Other sneakers, and I went for a more fitting slim-fit look with the jeans.

For bottoms, I love wearing jeans. I usually roll them to ankle length and pair them with sports socks and sneakers. I also gained an interest for selvedge denim. I bought my first pair in university which I wore nearly every day and washed every six months. After about a year of constant wear, selvedge jeans then transform into art. The creases, lines, and contrast of colour formed by the dye create amazing patterns on jeans, depending on how you wear them. The tough part about wearing these type of jeans is how much heavier and stiff they are compared to normal jeans. Hygiene may also be an issue for some people, but as long as you take care of them properly it shouldn’t be an issue.

Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops gained a special place in my heart since I started wearing them in university. I used to think those sneakers were so basic and overrated. It wasn’t until I actually bought a pair when I finally understood why people loved wearing them so much. They match with practically any and every outfit known to man. The Chuck Taylor 70 model with the better materials and cushioning is also extremely comfortable. In my opinion, the Hi-Tops look much cooler than the low-tops, I think it’s partly due to the huge converse logo near the ankle area, and another part due to the shape of them. It’s just cool.

For casual wear I usually just slip on a shirt, jeans, and sneakers, but lately I’ve been experimenting with Hawaiian shirts. They’re pretty cool, provided you find bottoms and shoes that can pair well with them. I usually pair them with shorts and Birkenstocks, but I really want to try wearing them with my ankle pants and my pair of Stan Smith-inspired Onitsuka Tiger’s.

Future wise, I think I need to improve on my jacket, shirt, and polo game. My shirt wardrobe has been looking a bit bland (mostly long sleeved chequered shirts) and I think I’d look good in form fitting polo shirts.



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